Hishimo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in the Manufacturing, Supplying and Exporting of Sumod Rub Oil. Sumod is an alternative (Ayurved) medicine for SUjan, MOch and Dard.


Sumod Musculoskeletal pain & swelling, pain in joints, backache, arthritis, gout, haematoma, morning stiffness, muscular spasm, dry eczema & other dry creations skin irruptions, nasal blockage & headache, herpes zos'ter, and furuncular otitis & otitis externa.


Take only one drop, rub gently at the affected place till oil is absorbed. 

And there are sailent features too if you can add:

  • Sumod is effective in 1 drop only for joints & 3-4 drops for back.
  • Sumod is the only rub oil which removes the cause, pressure on nerves, to relieve the pain
  • Rub Sumod gently till absorbed. It will give soothing effect only. No burning, no irritation, no coolness.
  • Sumod can be used even on infant’s tender skin.2012-10-15
  • Sumod is good for Gout, Arthritis & Haemotoma.
  • Sumod is anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic & muscles relaxant. It increases blood flow.
  • Apply Sumod on Bruise & Minor Cuts, for prompt healing & to relieve swelling & pain.
  • For Morning Stiffness, apply Sumod 1 drop on every joint at bedtime
  • Apply Sumod on Herpes Zos’ter, Dry Eczema, Pustules of Pox & Dry Cirrhosis of Skin to get rid of itching, swelling, pain & burning.
  • To clear Nasal Blockage, apply Sumod around & below nose even to an infant. To relieve Headache apply Sumod on forehead or give head massage
  • In ENT region to reduce pain & swelling apply Sumod. For Furuncular Otitis & Otitis Externa, put a drop in the ear.
  • Sumod will help drastically reduce intake of pain killers & anti inflammatory drugs. So one is saved from their side effects.

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