Hishimo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is well-reputed as one of the countablemanufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Eficaf Syrup & Eficaf- F Capsules. Eficaf is an alternative (Ayurved) drug which is formulated to treat cough.


  • Allergic or chronic bronchitis, dry and irritating cough, whooping cough, bronchitis, non-specific cough, asthmatic cough, bronchopneumonia and cough due to other chest infections.



Eficaf Syrup-

  • 2 ml. To 10 ml. T. D. S. Neonate to adult. For quick results, mix in half cup of boiling water and sip.
  • Chronic U. R. I.: 10 ml. In hot water in morning for two to three months.

Eficaf- F Capsules-

  • 1 to 2 capsule T. D. S. Neonate to adult.
  • Chronic U. R. I.: 1 capsule in morning for two to three months.


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