Hishimo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is enlisted as one of the stupendous Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Hepeto Capsules & Hepeto Syrup. Hepeto is an alternate (ayurveda) drug used as liver protector, corrector & rejuvenator.


  • Hapatitis, viral hepatitis, hepeto-cellular damage, catarrhal jaundice, cirrhosis of liver, prevents & corrects hepatic damage due to drugs
  • Antibiotics: chemicals & alcohol, indigestion & flatulence.
  • Stimulates appetite & growth.


  • Up to 12 years: 5 ml. OD
  • Above 12 years: 10 ml. or 1 capsule O. D. or B. D.
  • In cirrhosis of liver: 20 ml. or 2 capsule B. D.

Salient Features:

  • Hepeto is effective in O.D. dose only, as it contains the World’s Highest concentration of herbs, 3 gms./dose.
  • Hepeto is far more effective, convenient & economical than others.
  • Hepeto protects the liver from infective & toxic hepatitis due to infection. drugs. chemicals & alcohol etc.
  • Hepeto corrects & cures hepatic damage & prevent further necrosis.
  • Hepeto accelerates metabolic activity, promotes cells regeneration and regulates plasma protein concentration.
  • Hepeto improves liver function.
  • Hepeto improves digestion & assimilation.
  • Hepeto fastens the recovery after illness, helps restore health.

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