Hishimo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is one of the dependable Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Himovit-C Capsules. Himovit-C is an alternate (ayurveda) drug which gives energy, vigor, vitality & power.


  • General debility, anaemia, under nourished, pregnancy & lactation, to promote growth in children and to help regain health in all age groups, Arthritis, gout, osteo-arthritis.




  • 1 capsule O.D. or B.I.D.
  • In Arthritis: 1 capsule T.I.D. for one month then 1 capsule O.D.
  • Apply SUMOD oil locally.


Salient Features:

  • Himovit -C is the only natural veg. tonic for energy, vigor, vitality & power..
  • Himovit -C contains, World·s Highest conc., 1 gm., Ashwagandha besides 6 fruits, iron & calcium. Himovit - C is immuno-  modulatory, preventive, non-steroidal anabolic agent promotes growth.
  • Himovit -C is rich in natural protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, vit. c, iron, calcium, zinc and other trace elements.
  • Himovit - C is excellent tonic in pregnancy & lactation.
  • Iron of Himovit -C is well tolerated, it will not cause any problem.
  • Himovit -C is natural antioxident, iron, zinc & general tonic.
  • Himovit - C is must for 35+ age group to keep them fit & fine 24 hrs.
  • Himovit -C must be given to cancer patients to help increase serum, Fe, Zn, Cu levels, W.B.C. count & bone marrow cells count.
  • Himovit -C contains Praval pisthi, the best absorbed rich source of calcium
  • Himovit -C is a good aphrodisiac in a dose of 3 caps. with hot milk atleast one hour before having sex.
  • Himovit -C will improve mobility and reduce inflammation & pain in Gout and Arthritis.

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